Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kick ass!

I made a 90% on my first Anatomy test! Now, I'm not the bragging type, but let me break from my character and say that there were only 7 people out of about 70 that pulled an A out of that test, and I was one of them. I only hope I can keep that going. This is a very challenging class, and considering that I have work to deal with, AND a full course load, it keeps things interesting. I'm really enjoying my classes despite all the stress they cause. Actually, it's not the classes that cause the stress, because those classes are my first priority, and the Air Force is just in my fucking way at every step. When I step onto that campus, I'm suddenly an intelligent person again, capable of free thought, and I'm judged based on my academic performance, and not how big my waist is or how far I can (or can't, in my case) run.


Blogger Aaron said...

congrats on the A.

10:11 AM  

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