Thursday, March 16, 2006

National debt is not a money tree! - Senate permits national debt to grow to $9 trillion - Mar 16, 2006

This is impressive. The upper crust of this country actually thinks they can continue to sink us into the red. If the government can just up their debt limit at will, why can't I? I can't pay my bills. I need more dough. Why the hell can't I boost my limit? At what point will we no longer be able to stretch the limit? Will it happen before we get Bush out of office? Will we ever recover from what he has done to us? Doubtful. The United States' days as the hegemon are numbered. The day will soon come when we are enslaved to China.

That's right. China. Speak Chinese? Better learn it. Because the United States has foolishly turned its economy into a service economy. We make very few goods, and turn our natural resources over to China, so they can make the things we should be making ourselves. When we go broke, we'll be at their mercy. Few will be able to afford basic necessities, and no one knows how to farm anymore. Thanks Bush for fucking us all over you colossal fucking RETARD!


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