Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Since when do Americans go to jail over a t-shirt?

So Cindy Sheehan is in the clink for wearing a shirt with a number on it. What number? 2,245. The number of dead Americans Bushy sent to the slaughter over a lie. Over oil. Over revenge for Daddy. We're approaching the number that died on 9/11. Iraq is still in turmoil. No WMDs. No cheap oil even. I can't even say that 2,245 people died so I can drive to Atlanta for less than 40 bucks. Why has the number gotten that big? Stubbornness? Pride? Ego? All of the above.

First Helen Thomas loses her front seat in the press room, now Cindy Sheehan loses her freedom. Why? Because Bush is the poster boy for Bible-thumping conservative assholes in this country. You know, the ones that wear suit with that stupid fucking American flag pin, which is secret code for "I'm a stuck up asshole and I have my wife in check." Conservative men make sure conservative women know their place. It's a theme throughout history. Salem witch trials. Anne Hutchinson. Outspoken women that go against men in power pay dearly.

If you think about it though, Bush had to arrest her. She was a threat. All threats go to jail, right? They wouldn't let a Pakistani with an RPG in would they? Well she has a weapon far more powerful: a question. Why did you send my son to die? That's all. He can't face the question, or the answer. Especially not now when most of the country actually believes he's a dumbfuck. Cindy Sheehan had to be taken down.

I will be very surprised if this fascist cabal doesn't throw the book at her and keep her locked up for at least a year. Goddamn George Bush and Goddamn a country that will violate the civil rights of a woman that has paid the ultimate price for this country's faulty policies. Cindy Sheehan is a hero! Free Cindy!


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