Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cronyism at its finest

I am in awe. Complete and total awe. It is as if W can read my mind, and is intentionally trying to outdo himself in regards to my amazement at his complete disregard for everything I value in this country. After nominating that idiot Roberts to lead the highest court in all the land, skipping over seasoned justices that might actually have a fucking clue, now W nominates who? That's the question I think everyone is asking: Who the fuck is this bitch?

Well from what I can tell, she's not only completely unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court, but she's also another evangelical right-wing headcase. Bush really needs to make new friends.

News flash Bush: Not everyone in this country goes home at night and thumps a Bible!

Speaking for myself, I'm more interested in going home at the end of the day and thinking, "Wow, I live in a country where I'm free to do and think what I want." Bush stands for nothing except suppression of everything that doesn't mesh with his plan: the permanent rise to power of the wealthy, ideological bourgeoisie. Bush has done more damage to the fabric of this nation than a salvo of nuclear warheads, a whole army of jihadists, and mother nature in all her fury could do in concert. The end result of this nation's faulty decision to allow Bush to take control of the government (note my wording there, as he didn't legally win either election) is that we have surrendered all our civil liberties, and allowed the Bush virus to insert long-lasting genetic code (Roberts) into our system. What does this mean? America now has the political equivalent of AIDS. Talk about getting fucked!


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