Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fuck the United States Military in its Entirety!

I don't even know where to begin. Fuck the Air Force. Fuck the Army. Fuck the Navy. Fuck the Marines. What the hell, fuck the Coast Guard too. Since day one I have hated being in the military. I was never a good fit. But now I've had it. I have absolutely fucking had it.

Today Susan had her second ultrasound because she was measuring big. Ultrasounds are always a special event for us. We enjoy every opportunity to see our baby, and it's usually followed by a trip to Outback to celebrate. Our little ritual.

Well leave it to the soul-sucking military to turn a happy, joyous event like having a child into a horrific ordeal. When they called Susan's name, we both got up to go back, and the woman halted us, gave me a nasty look, and said, "You can't go back, sir." I was like what the fuck! A new policy, it seems, prevents husbands from being present to see their children on ultrasounds. Un...fucking....believable. We were just in there a month ago, and I was allowed back, no questions asked. All of Matt's ultrasounds, no problem. Even Gabriel, which is a whole other story, I was there. Susan was even by my side when I had an ultrasound on my gallbladder. So why all of a sudden did they abitrarily decide to violate my rights as a father and a husband? Well I heard 2 different versions, neither of which means shit to me. First, I heard that a woman complained that she couldn't accompany her husband, saying it's unfair that husbands can go with their wives for a prenatal ultrasound. If that's true, then that selfish CUNT ruined it for everyone. That felt so good I'll repeat it. CUNT.

The second story was that a husband and wife went for an ultrasound and when the gestational age was determined, the husband did the math and figured out that the child was concieved while he was deployed, and went apeshit, as a result they banned husbands. If that one's true, I don't blame the husband, I blame that wreckless whore for spreading her legs while the guy was gone. But above all I blame the military, for once again fucking the whole for the mistakes of the few.

And you know what really pisses me off? This army sergeant TWAT came in the room and put her hand on Susan's leg, and said, "I won't let you go through this alone." I wish Susan would have told that fucking assbag to go fuck herself. I couldn't be in there, but some other bitch could? Fuck me!

I have absolutely had it with the goddamn military. They take the fun out of everything, even having a baby, which is supposed to be the happiest, most cherished event in a couple's lives. To add insult to injury, after all this bullshit, we still get to deliver at MCG. When Matt was born we were the only family in there that was a stable, loving family, and wasn't on a methadone drip. Seriously. The place is where crack whores and welfare mothers go. That's how much the military thinks of us.

So summing up, all you military assholes reading this: FUCK YOU. Fuck your families, fuck your mothers. You mean shit to me. You've ruined my life and I can't wait to be rid of you. And as much as I hate you, my wife hates you more. She didn't even sign on the dotted line and her life has been shit too, thanks to you.


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