Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kick ass!

I made a 90% on my first Anatomy test! Now, I'm not the bragging type, but let me break from my character and say that there were only 7 people out of about 70 that pulled an A out of that test, and I was one of them. I only hope I can keep that going. This is a very challenging class, and considering that I have work to deal with, AND a full course load, it keeps things interesting. I'm really enjoying my classes despite all the stress they cause. Actually, it's not the classes that cause the stress, because those classes are my first priority, and the Air Force is just in my fucking way at every step. When I step onto that campus, I'm suddenly an intelligent person again, capable of free thought, and I'm judged based on my academic performance, and not how big my waist is or how far I can (or can't, in my case) run.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My first Anatomy test!

I had my first A&P lecture test tonight. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had built it up in my head as being, having watched Susan struggle through the course. I crammed like a madman right before, so I think that helped. The thing about that class is that there is so much to learn you have to pack your head full of knowledge and hope it leaks out slow enough to get you to the end of the test. I think I had some luck there.

Once again, I'm just laying here blogging when I should be sleeping. Susan's fast asleep next to me, Anubis is curled up at her feet. I'm reading about Rita, and wondering what awaits us this time. No doubt, Bushy will cover his ass better, and brag about it. Myopic Republicans will accept this as good leadership and go back to being stupid. I'll fork out 5 bucks a gallon for gas because this country has the shittiest energy policy possible and I'll stay up all night thinking (and blogging) about it. I think that sums it up, more or less...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google goes secure!

Anyone who cares anything about security needs to get this. It creates a VPN link to Google, basically securing anything you do online. I noticed a modest decrease in speed, but I was also free to browse anonymously. SWEEEEEEET!

I knew it! John Roberts is a Nazi!

This guy gave me the creeps from the word go. Now it's clear to me why.

Yet another reason why I can't stand the military

So for those of you that don't know, I have a bad back. This is a fairly recent development, and very frustrating because it is making a challenging period in my life just that much worse. What I don't need right now is the Air Force throwing their bullshit into the mix. I found out Monday that I will probably be getting paperwork for missing an open-ranks inpection last week on one of the days I was laid up. It seems being in excruciating pain from a herniated vertebral disk is no excuse to miss standing still like a statue for 45 minutes. What the FUCK was I thinking?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Want to peel that W sticker off your car yet?

Ok. It's the middle of the night, I can't sleep because my back is killing me from my trip to the emergency room and I'm reading the news, which is a bad idea because that means reading about Bush.

I can hear it now. "He's not going to lay into the Republicans, is he?" Yes, you bet your oil-guzzling asses I am.

For all you people who not only re-elected W, but continue to stand by him as he earns his reputation as a fuck-up, answer this, please. What are you going to do when a disaster of some sort finds its way into your backyard? You know, that perfectly manicured acre or two, with the big mini-mansion sitting on it, 3 SUV's in the driveway, all with the standard-issue Bush stickers, possibly some yellow "Support the Troops" ribbons... I digress. What are you going to do? Is your precious president going to come to your aid? You think so? Even after Katrina?

Most Republicans probably are thinking, "Well, our prez just didn't care about the poor blacks, we was too busy figuring out how to get us some more tax breaks. Fuck the poor blacks. " They're thinking that they're in the "club." If the hurricane had hit their posh country club, disaster relief would have rolled in immediately, even if it meant running over a group of poor blacks to get to them. This attitude held by so many Republicans is what is referred to in Literature as a "tragic flaw."

WAKE UP AMERICA: Your government will not be there for you. George Bush and everyone he works with sat on their asses while thousands suffered and died. We have seen so many examples in the past few weeks of just how out of touch these people are with reality. Their incompetence has cost many lives.

This was "just" a hurricane. I say just because it's a natural disaster that occurs every year, in the same regions. We know they're coming every year, and we know that some are dangerous, some are insanely dangerous. To hear the leadership of this nation drone on about how they never saw it coming... What the hell? Are we supposed to accept that?

What do you think will happen when there's a real surprise? You know, something even worse like a pandemic, or a biological attack? Do you still feel safe? Do you think this buffoon of a president or anyone associated with him is going to swoop in and save you? Don't count on it; I know I'm not.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

This is MY blog!

A while back I started my first blog, but it was more for the family, and to post pictures. Not really the right place to just let loose and speak my mind. So this is my space. You have been warned!